Sunday, June 17, 2018

About a Painting...The Invention of Clouds II

I imagine a little wooden structure in the woods shuddering and hissing and sending out product. While I have an idea why weather is the way it is, it still remains a mystery as to when it will be the way it will be. The use of diagonal lines has come, for me, to represent the divisions between time and space... of things known and unknown... the mysterious other side of things as in “Frontier”.

The Invention of Clouds II 
in Process
14 x 18"
Acrylic And Casein Media


8 x 8"
Casein on Cradled Panel

In "Frontier" the barrier is used as a metaphor for the division between what is right before the eyes and that which is unseen... the visible world and things metaphysical. Spirit and matter, where does one stop and the other begin? The barrier could also be closing in on a mind with a fettered worldview or opening to celebrate a happily altered state of being.

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